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PasseGen is a simple password manager that enables you to keep all your login credentials in a single, safe place. Additionally, it enables you to generate random, secure passwords with just a few clicks.
With PasseGen, you won’t have to remember the password to each and every account you have, as you have it all stored within the application. The database can be protected by a user-defined PIN number, required to access PasseGen.







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Password Safe is an open-source password manager. It allows you to store up to 255 entries in your password vault and have 25,000 entries available for use in random password generation. The program provides a graphical entry list that allows for simple management and editing of your passwords.
Cracked PasseGen With Keygen Features:
* 1 Password Storage
* Supports up to 255 passwords
* 25,000 available passwords for random password generation
* Random password generation
* Use a PIN number for additional protection
* Manage and edit lists of entries and passwords
* Password encryption
* Remove passwords from the vault (useful for migrating between password safe versions)
* Fully-featured graphical user interface
* Password generator
* Choose from a selection of themes
* Encrypted using AES-256
* Universal binary
* Free, open source (MIT license)
What’s New:
– Fix possible crash on startup on some 64-bit systems.
– Fix possible crash on startup if there are two identical or similar encrypted passwords.
– Fix possible crash when clearing a vault with “q” key.
– Fix possible crash when reading an encrypted password from a file.
– Fix possible crash when reading a password from an encrypted file.
– Fix possible crash when a user-defined PIN is entered.
– Fix possible crash on startup if passwords are grouped to different tabs in the user interface.
– Fix possible crash on startup if there are too few entries in the vault.
– Fix possible crash on startup if there are too many entries in the vault.
– Fix possible crash on startup if there are no available passwords in the vault.
– Fix possible crash when showing a password that is stored in the vault.
– Fix possible crash when calling getPassword from a non-password data object.
– Fix possible crash if a password is saved when being locked.
– Fix possible crash when clicking on the “Remove” button in the file manager.
– Fix possible crash when opening the preferences dialog.
– Fix possible crash if the preferences dialog is left open and then the application exits.
– Fix possible crash if the preferences dialog is left open and then the application exits.
– Fix possible crash if a password with a space is removed from the list.
– Fix possible crash when adding an entry from the “Choose from list” dialog.
– Fix possible crash when the vault is locked and the user tries to open it.
– Fix

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File Sharing

PasseGen can be shared as a simple document to many people, so you can collaborate and share your passwords with everyone.


Share your password with the community of similar users by posting it on a community board.


Make multiple copies of your data with a single click.

iOS & Android Apps

The apps for both iOS and Android mobile devices give you the ability to run PasseGen directly on your phone. The mobile apps are helpful, especially when you travel and don’t want to be connected to the internet.


When you’re creating a new password, the application will generate one random password for you.


Ask if you want to be reminded of your personal, safe and secure information every time you restart the program.Add a friend for those tougher, longer, and more satisfying rides.

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PasseGen Free License Key Free

1. Password manager
2. Multi-language support
3. List of categories for passwords
4. Insert a new password directly from a text file
5. Password generator (for each account you have)
6. Several visibility options for categories
7. To-do list (easy to keep track of everything)
8. Data backup with incremental backups
9. Support for multiple accounts (Google, Facebook, Twitter, Pidgin, etc.)

Modern desktop browsers come with spell checkers, however the spelling
causes serious issues with Internet Explorer if one forgets to turn off
spell checking, or if one erroneously changes the fact that the
language actually allows one to use accents.
With PasseGen, one no longer has to manually correct everything. After
installation, if one subsequently checks if the word is spelled correctly,
PasseGen will immediately let one know that a check needs to be performed
on every character in the word.
1. Keyboard shortcuts (keyboard shortcuts available for all languages;
however, it is not possible to change the keystroke shortcut per
2. Automatically add words to PasseGen (words are checked for
correctly spelling, punctuation, and capitalization on every
3. Data backup with incremental backups (even after data loss – the
word will be brought back to it’s pre-downloaded word list)
4. Password generation (the word will be brought back to the list of
words in the various languages)
5. Password generator for each account (it is possible to generate a
password for each account one has, and all passwords can be
deleted directly from a list)
6. Supervisibility (each password can be viewed directly; if it
would be sensitive, it can be hidden from view)
7. To-do list (in case one does not notice a change)
8. Possibility of using the same password for multiple accounts (one
could have the same password for Facebook, Gmail, etc.)
9. Multi-login support (the user can use multiple accounts with
different usernames and passwords without any technical problems)
10. Language-independent support (one can have the same language
for all applications)
11. Optional automatic checks if everything is okay at startup (this
helps when the user installs it for the first time and does not
check all the way through

What’s New In PasseGen?

The application allows you to generate and use secure passwords for login purposes on different web-based servers.
The application is very simple. You can login into it, add passwords to existing account entries, get a list of all the accounts you have stored within the app and generate one-time passwords (OTP) for logins from your desk-top or from your mobile device.

The biggest differences between CherryTree and Base are that Base has the ability to add more column to the database (like, password expiration, etc.) and that Base is Web based, which means you can manage your Base tables from any PC in the world.
Also note that you can upgrade Base to CherryTree from within the program itself.

Base is the perfect solution for keeping all your passwords and usernames safe and tidy. The app is Web based and thus you can access it from any PC in the world. What makes Base special is that there is a limited trial period (which you can upgrade to a perpetual license), so you can safely run it on your PC before deciding if you want to upgrade.

This is a Web based Password Manager, where you can save and use safe and unique passwords for every website.
In case you forgot your password you can recover your private information by re-typing your email and password combination.
It supports a smart login. This way, if you are using more than one account you can input your login with one email address and your password will be automatically filled in every time you login without you having to type it.
This softphone comes with a userfriendly interface and you can enter your credentials via drop down menus, radio buttons, checkboxes, etc…
You can also choose to remember your logins. This is great if you are logged in frequently and don’t want to type your login information again.

Rooted is a free and simple, all-in-one VPN Client that works even in China.
Although you are not required to use VPN to get safe access to some services, you can use it for:
*Free access to the web
*Secure calls (by changing the SIP encryption or the G729 codec
and you can change the strength according to your needs)
*As a Virtual Private Network (VPN) client to get safe access to remote networks

Simple Program to run Brute Force Attack.
Run bruteforce attack on target’s password and find out its Value.
Username is set with *.

System Requirements For PasseGen:

* Note: Our internal testing does not include Android devices. Android devices are not officially supported.
* iOS 8 and higher (iPhone, iPad, iPod touch) is required for online play. If you own an older device (iOS 7 and below) a patch for legacy will be made available for you to download.
* Windows 8 and higher (Windows 7 is not supported) is required for online play.
* Mac OS X 10.9 and higher (10.8 is not supported) is required for online play.
* Sega Dreamcast is required

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