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Web pages you land on are all stored on secure servers. There are an abundance of servers one can use to host a website or online service. If you’re curious about what server a particular website is using, or you simply want to perform network lookup, then Black Enemy is a lightweight application which helps you perform such operations.
Minimalistic interface quickly gets you up and running
First of all, you might want to know that the application is good to go from the moment download is done. This means that you can carry it around on a thumb drive if you need or want to use it on other computers. The main requirement here is an active Internet connection, or at least network access for local lookup.
The core feature of the application is to help you find the web server name and version of a source of interest. This is done through an intuitive interface, relying on minimalistic interface and elements, which quickly gets you up and running regardless of the level of experience.
You only need to provide the target address
Effort on your behalf is quite minimal. All you have to do is provide the web or IP address of the target, with the result displayed at the press of a button. You immediately get to know the server name, as well as the version if available.
However, the application is only used to display the server name and version instead of attempting to deliver the entire whois data. If it’s all you need, then a neat trick is to access the program shortcut’s properties panel in order to assign a hotkey command to have it instantly launched regardless of your explorer location.
To end with
All things considered, we can state that Black Enemy is a small tool with the sole purpose of informing you regarding the name and version of a remote web server through a simple operation by simply providing the source address.


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It is very easy to use and doesn’t require a lot of advanced knowledge.

Track migration tendencies and future trends.

Let us know when there is a problem with your data.

Give us your email address, and we can send you an email when the site goes down for some reason.

Yes, this a paid version, but if you need to keep track of popular sites, you’re going to have to pay for it.

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#2: Site Submit

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CloudFlare collects simple analytics about your page views. We do this to help you, and to find out which pages are popular. Sometimes this data is shared with other services.

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Black Enemy Download For PC [Latest 2022]

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Black Enemy: What is it and why is it needed?

Welcome to the world of Internet, a part of which is represented by websites and online services. Several of these sites require that the server whose address is being pointed is not publicly accessible. You can always opt for a free service of your choice, but chances are that it’s not the most convenient method for this.
An alternative is to perform a simple network lookup of the server whose address is being pointed, and this is precisely what Black Enemy is for. This simple application allows you to perform network lookups on any remote computer, no matter its type or hardware specifications, and regardless of the operating system running on it. All you need is an active Internet connection, and you will be on your way.
Black Enemy Free Download Size:

The operation is performed right in the official interface where the result is presented to you. You can click on the result to be redirected to the website of your choice with further information. The program will immediately provide the number of lookups that has been performed, which amounts to unlimited, depending on the situation, of course.
The application relies on 3 input parameters, which are the target URL, the search engine name and the reference IP address. In such a way the complete whois data will be provided to you, including contact name, contact address, email, phone, website URL, etc.

Black Enemy Description:

User Guide:

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Black Enemy: Installation & Setup

Once you have downloaded package, you will find the application itself, as well as some additional help files. You’ll notice some options in the main window, which we have already mentioned. Black Enemy is a very simple and intuitive program, so getting started is almost effortless.
The tool has been tested with Windows 7, 8 and 10.

Besides, this application has been installed in less than a minute with a Windows XP virtual machine in mind. This means that you have no problem switching between Windows operating systems when it comes to Black Enemy’s functionality.
You will notice that the application has been installed on a folder named “Black Enemy”, which is the only one it needs to run.
Regardless of your operating system version, the application will

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Delivers the current domain or IP address that you specified.
Simple interface and minimalistic design.
No need for any kind of installation.Acceptable Use Policy

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What’s New in the?

Black Enemy is a simple application to display the data from a whois query. It is designed to help you search for the name and version of the origin server hosting a webpage you access.
What Is It:
The application is a simple program that launches a HTTP query to the target and displays the data from the returned response. It is designed to help you browse through various sources and find the name and version of the origin server hosting a particular web page. You only have to provide the target address and the program launches instantly to display the data returned from the source.
Minimum System Requirements:
The minimum requirements for the program are quite light. The application works on Windows XP and higher. You can download the application as an executable, or you can download the archive with the application and extract the executable.
Black Enemy is a small application designed to display the contents of a WHOIS query, including the name and version of the remote server. It is designed to help you browse through various sources and find the name and version of the origin server hosting a particular web page.
It should be noted that the download link included in this article is for a free trial version of the application that is provided by The software is distributed as a trial version and is always tested to work, but it might not work with all programs or configurations. No warranty is given or implied.11/02/2017 – Hamburg – Gemäss den inzwischen als Bereitgestellt bekannten neuen Äußerungen von CDU-Innenminister Thomas Strobl in der Deutschen Presse-Agentur wurden die Behauptungen zu bestimmten Sachverhalten mit grundsätzlicher Unkenruhe und Unterstellung in der SPD als Abrechnung einer Parteiengruppe gedeutet.


Strobl hatte eine Versammlung der AfD-Jugendorganisation Junge Alternative am 8. Februar 2017 in Wuppertal kritisiert, die Mitglieder hätten kein Zutun von Anhängern des Nationalsozialismus gezeigt. Zudem sagte er, es würde Zeit, eine „zunehmende Radikalisierung der J

System Requirements:

Windows XP SP3 or later
Mac OS X 10.5 or later
.NET Framework 4.0
.NET Framework 4.5
RAM: 512 MB of RAM is recommended
Support of NVIDIA’s Geforce 9 and 10 series is required. Please see GeForce for more details.
Conversion of.mkv and.avi to.mp4 can be done with Media Converter. Support for.rm.rmvb and.rmvb to.avi conversion is not included.
Supported File Formats

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