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**Figures 3.4A-3.4F** The _Layers Panel, Panel Options_, and _Brush Settings_ tabs are used to control Photoshop’s major functions.

The Layers panel is the foundation for all Photoshop projects. The layers work in a very similar manner as any other tool that uses layers, including:

* Changing layer states
* Altering layer opacity
* Applying transforms
* Blending types of layers
* Linking layers
* Swapping layers with Layer Masks

It may seem at first that using layers adds more complexity to the task of image creation and editing. This is true. But unlike the older approaches that require a layered file to gain access to the image, working with layers has two very important benefits:

1. Working with layers doesn’t depend on a layered file, so any editing of the picture will be instantly available to all the layers.
2. Using this method, you can change the picture at any time without losing the final results.

As you will see in the following exercises, the layers will make this process much easier for you and give you the opportunity to revise your image and insert layers without having to reload the picture.

# **The Top Layers Panel**

To access the Layers panel, navigate to the Layers panel by clicking on the Layers panel on the left side of the Layers panel, as shown in Figure 3.4A.

There are currently eight panels in the Layers panel. These panels control Photoshop’s major functions; they are as follows:

**Figure 3.4A** : Access the Layers panel by clicking on the Layers panel on the left side of the Layers panel.

**Figure 3.4B** : The Top Layers Panel.

The Top Layers Panel (Figure 3.4B) and the Layers panel consist of four tabs:

* The _Layers Panel_ (Figure 3.4C)
* The _Panel Options_ (Figure 3.4D)
* The _Brush Settings_ (Figure 3.4E)
* The _Layer Menu_ (Figure 3.4F)

There are also buttons for placing the layers into groups and a help button.

The next exercise will cover working with the Layers Panel and the Top Layers Panel.


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This list includes the 10 best elements that you can use in your Photoshop Element, whether you are new to Elements or a seasoned pro.

1. Lens Correction

As the name suggests, it is used for removing lens distortion and curvature of images. This is a widely used feature in Elements, and it is user-friendly. It is designed to enhance your photographs.

2. Textures

Textures are surface patterns used to enhance your photographs. It can simulate materials such as wood, stone and snow. The included textures are great for both creative and practical purposes.

3. Cloud Filters

There are a lot of cloud filter effects available in the Elements app. It was recently added. The biggest feature is the size option. You can change the size to zoom in and out. The filters are high-quality and they can be used to create a unique lighting and colour for your photos.

4. Lens Flare

The most popular effect among amateurs is the lens flare. It is a feature that came with Elements after version 12.0.0. The image can be edited and used in the various creative apps such as Photoshop, Lightroom and Photoshop Mix.

5. Transitions

This is an effect that helps in adding movement to your images. This feature was originally used as a high-speed transition between one image and another. Transitions are available in special effects, such as the wipe, pan and zoom.

6. Tilt-Shift

Tilt-shift is a feature that is common to DSLR cameras. However, it can be achieved with Elements and is a useful feature in a wide range of images and graphics. It allows you to add depth to the images without using a DSLR camera.

7. Sketch

This is a perfect tool for graphic design and web design. It can be used to simulate the effect of a pencil on a piece of paper. It provides the option to hide the grid. You can create your own grid or use the included grid for designing. The results are good when applied to graphics.

8. Watercolour

This is a great app for creating watercolour-like images. You can select the brush size, the stroke size and the opacity. It comes with the ability to create channels and draw lines.

9. Eye Candy

As its name suggests, it is used for changing the appearance and layout of a photo. It

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Comparing objects?

What is the best way to compare two objects in java? I have read about the equals() and compareTo() methods but its really confusing in my head. Should I compare each attribute of the object or should I compare the entire object?
For Example:
class Item {
public Item(String id, String name, List items){
id = id;
name = name;
items = items;

String id;
String name;
List items;

public boolean compareTo(Item object){
return true;
return false;


public String toString(){
return +;

Should I compare each attribute like this?
public boolean compareTo(Item object){
return true;
return false;

Or should I go for the entire object?
public boolean compareTo(Item object){
return id.equals( && name.equals(;


You’re code only compares the id of the object.
The compareTo() method should accept a parameter of type Item, or extend it, for the entire object comparison.
Then you should add a method that returns true if all attributes are equal.
It would look something like this:
class Item {
public Item(String id, String name, List items){
id = id;
name = name;

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On Thursday, U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry canceled the foreign ministers’ meeting set for June 14, as he puts a lot of pressure on Iran and Russia to give his proposal a fair chance, sources say.

Kerry’s attempt to bring the two parties together through the Kuwaiti venue for the negotiations has failed. While the U.S. side has put forward the controversial proposal, Russia has strongly opposed it, saying it would prove ineffective in the face of Iran’s refusal.

Russia’s opposition to the plan for bilateral negotiations underlined a deep split between the two countries.

Iran has been standing by its initial proposal to hold a multilateral or quadrilateral negotiating platform, mainly among the P5+1 group of countries – which also includes China, France and Britain – where the Islamic Republic is a permanent member of the UN Security Council.

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In response to the U.S. proposal, Iran has told the French energy company Total that it is not acceptable to continue the talks while the U.S. stays away.

French Minister of Foreign Affairs Laurent Fabius had earlier disclosed his country’s view that the U.S. proposal was “not realistic” as it does not include the five permanent members of the UN Security Council, namely Russia, China, Britain, France and the U.S.

Kerry said Thursday that talks with Iran would continue on all other issues. “We are not going to let the matter go and we are not going to let the negotiations go,” he said.

However, some reports say Russia has refused to work on the “low-key” negotiations with Tehran and has not stepped forward to help, despite its claimed openness to continue talking about the issue.

Russia’s reluctance stems from the fact that Moscow has refused to endorse the original, multilateral proposal on the talks and it is now totally entangled in the dispute between Washington and Tehran.

Russia’s stake in the stalled

System Requirements For Adobe Photoshop CC 2014:

OS: Windows 7
Processor: Dual Core 2.4Ghz
Memory: 2 GB
Video: NVIDIA GTX 675M/AMD HD 6970/AMD HD 6870 (DX11 compatible)
Processor: Quad Core 3.4Ghz
Video: NVIDIA GTX 770/AMD HD 7970 (DX11 compatible)
Q1: What are the different sizes of the wallpapers?

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